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Serving Oneida & Herkimer Counties


Pipes as good as new

Don't resort to harsh chemicals when you notice a slow or stopped drain! When you call RFC Contracting Inc., the only chemical we use is H2O! At high velocity, water is all you need to clear out most stopped drains.

Since high-velocity water jetting clears the entire diameter of the pipe, it has a secondary benefit of getting any pipe in like new condition. It's the perfect complement to any preventative plumbing maintenance schedule.

Avoid a messy situation

When your sewer line starts to act up or you notice dank smells in the bathroom, call us in for a sewer check.


Our crews will make sure you're not in danger of a backed up pipe.


Give us a call today for a FREE, no-hassle estimate! 315-723-0225 or email us.

Drain cleaning and sewer service:

 • Toilet not flushing correctly leading to

    sewer line backing up - we take

    care of this!

 • Sewer and drain cleaning

 • Plugged sink

 • Plugged bathtub

 • Sewage back up

 • Flooded basement - we pump the

   water out

 • Sanitize and clean when the job is



Keep those drains clean!